GapGun facilitate quick and easy quality inspection of airbag split line

For automotive manufacturers, ensuring the airbag split line dimensions are quality checked is a safety critical aspect of production. The airbag split line causes the airbag module, for example in the steering wheel or dashboard, to split out and deploy in the event of a road traffic accident. Depth and width of the split line dictate how well the mechanism works.

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Controlling critical dimensions

Automotive manufacturers are faced with the risk that if the critical dimensions of this split line aren’t controlled and the component deploys incorrectly, the airbag deploys unevenly or incorrectly and doesn’t protect the driver.


Manufacturers use GapGun for fast and reliable quality checks

GapGun can quickly and accurately check the integrity of this split line for optimum depth and width of the profile to ensure this safety critical feature doesn’t fail.

The key advantages:

Proven reliability
GapGun can take measurements of this gap and step profile that are completely repeatable and traceable.

Easy to use and set up
With the ability to pre-program graphical measurement plans on to the GapGun, shop floor  operators  require minimal training beforehand and simply need to follow instructions on the large colour touch screen. The means easy set up and straightforward implementation for manufacturers.

Quick and adaptable
GapGun’s SPC3d laser metrology software even allows measurement of highly unusual freeform surfaces, with measurements processed in seconds.

No surface damage
With the ability to operate as a completely non-contact device, nothing need ever touch the surface of a part during the laser gauge measurement. This ensures measurement confidence and component integrity without worrying about repeatability or surface damage. Furthermore, for easier positioning, GapGun can also be used in contact with non marring stand offs.

Completely portable
The GapGun’s lightweight and rugged design can be used completely autonomously.  Operators have the flexibility to easily access interior measurements and the GapGun’s clip-on battery pack can operate for up to 6.5 hours on a single charge with no cable or waistpack restriction. With storage capacity for thousands of measurements, the GapGun is designed to be used on the shop floor for extended periods without need for any additional hardware.

Instant results display
GapGun takes a laser measurement in a matter of seconds  with results appearing on screen for operator benefit (including colour coding to indicate tolerance conditions), as well as being stored in a multitude of formats for data handling.  Live data feed indicates corrective action, should a measurement fall out of tolerance. 

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