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Affordable simplicity out of the box

GapGun+ is the entry level, non contact feature measurement system. The laser gauge can measure anything from gap and flush to radii in seconds. GapGun+ is an affordable and simple, portable and contactless profile measurement system that requires no configuration and can be ready to use out of the box.

  • The perfect introduction to the GapGun Plus Series.
  • Easy to install and simple to use.
  • Pre-configured with a comprehensive range of Virtual Tools.
  • Measures a wide array of features with the same accuracy and speed of higher end systems.
  • Requires no user configuration or measurement planning.
  • Fully upgradeable for a totally scalable GapGun measurement solution.

GapGun+ is fully upgradeable as your requirements grow or become more complex, making it the perfect introduction to the GapGun range.

Watch the short introduction to GapGun+ demo video for a quick start guide.

(Refresh the page if the video doesn't appear below)

Key Features

 DSC01418True non–contact measurement

  • Third Dimension’s proven non contact optical sensor technology means that inspection can be conducted without ever touching the part, eliminating the danger of surface damage and increasing repeatability of measurements even on unfixed or soft parts such as glove box compartment and fuel filler cap. Read more about non-contact measurement.


DSC00903Fast, strong and simple to use

  • GapGun+ is small, light and takes measurements up to 10x faster than traditional gauges.

  • Designed to be used out of the box, GapGun+ operates without configuration and can take measurements of a multitude of shapes and surfaces.

DSC01419Standalone / PC Free measurements

  • Operates completely autonomously, without any external processing, PCs or waistpacks for up to 40 minutes on the internal battery or up to 6.5 hours with the clip on battery pack.
  • Data is stored onboard and can be downloaded at any time using the integrated USB port.


DSC00909Best user interface and ergonomics on the market

  • The large colour touch screen gives a crystal clear display of the user interface, including results and analysis.
  • Onscreen feedback helps operators position GapGun+ in the correct location each and every time, without the need for surface contact.


DSC00898 Fully upgradeable

  • GapGun+ can be upgraded to GapGun R+ or GapGun MX+ for an extended feature set more suited to enterprise level applications, making Third Dimension’s GapGun totally scalable.


gap gun robot img 1388One system, many measurements

  • The flexible nature of GapGun+ means many different measurement types can be conducted by just one system, eliminating the need for multiple systems being used for different inspections.


newHigh resolution and precision

  • GapGun+ can be specified with any sensor head type, available in 7mm, 15mm, 40mm and 80mm Field of View options.

  • GapGun RET ensures the GapGun uses over 4000 data points per measurement. Highest accuracy sensors provide 10 micron/ 0.0005" measurement capability on traceable artefacts (included in delivery). 

gapgun06 l4v0782Proven

  • GapGun systems are used by most leading automotive and aerospace OEMs including, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen Audi Group, Ford, General Electric, Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota, Northrop Grumman, Pratt and Whitney, Honeywell, Fiat, Hyundai and many more.


Click and drag user interface

Full onscreen results analysis

True non-contact measurement

. . .



Handheld feature measurement system.


630g; 160 x 160 x 80mm / 22oz; 6.3 x 6.3 x 3.1

User interface

320x240 3.5" 262,000 colour touch screen

Results export

Export in industry standard CSV format.  Results also visible onscreen at the time of measurement.


Supplied with both integrated internal LiIon battery and external power pack providing up to 20 hours total standby time.



Sensor options

7mm, 15mm, 40mm, 80mm fields of view for multiple applications.

Surfaces capability

All coloured, metallic, or carbon surfaces, including bright machined edge conditions.


< 5mW - Lowest optical power in its class. Class 2M or 3R.

Standard accessories

  • Precision artefact with traceable calibration.

  • Hex artefact and checkplan for training & education.

  • Mini battery pack with removable battery and charging capability.

  • Flight grade storage case with custom insert designed to house all accessories.

  • Standoffs set for operator comfort during extended periods of measurement.

  • Locking belt clip and belt, and wrist loop.

  • 12 month support and software updates and hardware warranty.