John Reed presentation increasing productivity and quality

The following article was presented to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) conference on Aerospace Measurement, Inspection and Analysis at Fort Worth Texas in Nov 2008 by John Reed of Accurex Measurement inc.


Dimensional measurement is accepted as standard operating procedure in the aerospace industry. Nearly every step in the manufacturing procedure incorporates some type of dimensional measurement to ensure that the process is done according to specification. The information is evaluated to determine whether the piece meets specific requirements. The information is then discarded if the part is within tolerance, or it can be saved for recordkeeping. In some cases, the data is archived so that it can be recalled if a product problem occurs or the data may be examined statically to determine if the process is under control. However, most information is discarded immediately or saved only to be ignored in the future.


In addtion to a discussion of white light scanning, tube inspection and photogrammetry, this presentation includes a brief overview of:

  • Inline Gap and flush measurement applications at Nissan Motors using the GapGun. 
  • Measurement of critical features on F35 aircraft at Lockheed Martin.  


Slides only: Aero test presentation full.pdf

Full presentation: Aero test presentation slides.pdf

John has degrees in Engineering and Finance from Indiana. He has 25 years of experience in the field of dimensional metrology with 20 years of work in the area of CMMs and metrology equipment and the last 5 in optical dimensional measurement and analysis.