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Fast, Portable, and Repeatable Weld Inspection

Welding design  - August 2014

GapGun can ensure high-quality weld performance and good fusion of parts.

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GapGun Pro: Handheld Laser Measurement Device

Automotive Manufacturing Solutions - June 2014

Third Dimension has launched the GapGun Pro, its flagship handheld laser measurement device. The company says GapGun Pro offers improved speed, ease of use, portability and ruggedness. New and improved functionality includes: ultra fast processing capability and a new VChange sensor system. 

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Third Dimension reports 45% growth

WEAF - June 2014

Third Dimension, a Bristol-based manufacturer of optical metrology solutions for the manufacturing sector, has reported record year on year growth (2013 vs 2012), with sales up 45%. 

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The nuts and bolts of fasteners 

Aerospace Manufacturing  - May 2014

On any given aircraft, there are typically thousands of fastener holes to check and control per wing. The speed and portability of the GapGun system can be used to dramatically reduce time spent on the metrology inspection process and improve the classification of concessions. 

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MACH 2014 - Third Dimension GapGun software upgrade boosts capability 

Machinery - April 2014

The latest version of cutting edge GapGun software was launched at MACH 2014. It boasts an ergonomic new interface and a host of new measurement capability features, including the ability to measure up to 10 different dimensions simultaneously (where previously, only up to 3 were possible), along with an improvement in speed of up to 50%.  

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Metrology bridges the gap

Aerospace Manufacturing - July 2013

Third Dimension is chosen by EADS to deliver fully integrated feature measurement systems into European Airbus facilities. The agreement also includes support and management as well as plans to upgrade existing systems within Airbus to the latest technology.

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Record growth for metrology company

Machinery Market  - May 2013

Third dimension, a UK based manufacturer of optical metrology solutions for the manufacturing sector, reported a record year-on-year growth of 50% last year

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Pressure on Osborne for business-friendly budget

Bristol Post - March 2013

Third Dimension gives its reaction to the 2013 Budget. 

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