Following another hugely successful Control show for Third Dimension this year, we’d like to share with you the highlights of all the very latest products lines we showcased and demonstrated at this years show.

DSC01304aNew look design

Fully upgrading all of our GapGuns to the new updated handle design, we showcased the full 2012 GapGun Plus Series, encompassing the same market leading measurement capabilities and performance  but now lighter, more hardwearing and with a state of the art protective rubber shell for extra grip and shock absorption.

DSC01599bNew Robot+ functionality

Making huge leaps in automated measurement capabilities, GapGun Robot+ has been developed to enable tool changing capability between Third Dimension’s 4 interchangeable measurement heads. Tool changing between FOV15 and FOV7 measurement heads at Control, GapGun Robot+ carried out a continuous demo sequence of break edge and weld measurements on a sample aero engine shaft.

The tool changer significantly increases the speed and simplicity with which a variety of measurements can be carried out without operator intervention. GapGun Robot+ also accepts the Hi-range series sensor heads, enabling a wide range of  challenging surfaces to be measured from carbon fibre to reflective metallic.


Visitors were given a sneak preview of forthcoming features in the next release of SPC3d7, demonstrating how it will be easier to use, less to learn and simpler to integrate and manage. New and improved functionality includes: more efficient memory use, speedier data processing, simpler, more intuitive interface and tool selection and an enhanced Robot+ mode with built in FTP for easier installation and support. Look out for its release autumn 2012.


Desktop charger

Providing simple and convenient charging capabilities for the GapGun's internal battery, this desktop charger kept our GapGuns at full power throughout the exhibition and on the shop floor.

A built in RJ45 connection allows the operator to download data and provides a practical docking station for quick and easy access to the GapGun when creating checkplans and measurement sequences when sat at your PC or laptop.





Clip on battery pack

Providing complete freedom and portability of measurement, the clip on battery packs were used widely on our stand at Control, removing the restriction of wires or a waistpack.

Allowing the operator to carry out long measurement sequences for up to 6.5 hours or more than 3,000 continuous measurements, the GapGun becomes hassle free and provides greater flexibility than ever before.



 Shock absorbing head protection jacket

New and improved for 2012, the GapGun shock absorbing head jacket provides lighter more durable protection for the sensor head



DSC01310Flight grade case

Compact and solid, the MX+ case is large enough to house the GapGun MX+ alongside a whole suite of accessories provided; all slotting neatly into custom cut foam inserts and are stored in a hard wearing, ultra protective storage case.

2012 GapGun+ range has been developed and enhanced to improve our customer’s user experience whilst maintaining industry leading measurement capabilities and expert support on highly technical applications.