Tuesday 6th May 2014, Third Dimension launched the GapGun Pro, its flagship handheld model which will join their market leading range of laser measurement devices.  The launch took place from Third Dimension’s booth (5130) at Control, the top International trade fair for quality assurance, hosted at Stuttgart Messe, Germany.

GapGun Pro takes a large evolutionary step from its predecessor, GapGun MX+, with focus on greatly improved speed, ease of use, portability and ruggedness.

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New and improved functionality includes:

  1. Ultra fast processing capability – The GapGun Pro's new, superfast processor means that measurements can be collected faster than ever before, with speed improvements of up to 20x over manual techniques, reducing cycle time and increasing efficiency
  2. New VChange sensor system – GapGun Pro includes Third Dimension's ergonomic new VChange sensor interface, which allows the sensor to remove, change and reattach sensors, in just seconds, making multiple sensor use on the shop floor easier than everA vast range of measurements can be collected using just one system and Third Dimension's extensive range of interchangeable VChange sensors.
  3. Fully integrated Wi-Fi – The integrated Wi-Fi connection of the GapGun Pro means instant results access direct to the PC, with no additional hardware or cables required, giving operators total autonomous measurement capability. This also allows for enhanced portability and convenience on the shop floor.
  4. Extra high capacity internal battery – GapGun Pro can operate completely standalone for around 4 hours, plus a further 6.5 hours by simply attaching tolightweight interchangeable clip on battery pack.
  5. Robust construction – GapGun Pro’s evolved, rugged design makes it durable for a wide range of challenging and unique manufacturing environments
  6. High definition colour touch screen – With 4x resolution of that on the GapGun Plus Series, this screen is clear, highly responsive, easy to navigate and readable in a huge array of conditions.

GapGun Pro builds on all the key capabilities of the GapGun Plus Series such the ability to measure without ever needing to touch the surface. This maximises the accuracy and repeatability whilst eliminating potential surface damage and enabling the measurement of soft or unfixed parts. A multitude of challenging surface finishes can be measured, using Third Dimension's HiRange sensor technology. In addition, its patented adjustable laser cap can uniquely shorten or split the laser line to measure a range of complex features.

Third Dimension has a long track record of supplying metrology equipment and services to the largest names in aerospace, automotive and energy sectors worldwide. It has the capability to help manufacturers worldwide, realise the benefits of non-contact measurement and can integrate seamlessly with customers’ own systems. 

John Kane, Chief Business Development Officer of Third Dimension, said:  “We are extremely excited to present our new flagship model, GapGun Pro to the world.  Working with our extensive list of valued clients across the globe, we have listened to feedback and delivered yet more innovative features that will help provide our customer base with even more productivity gains.  We are looking forward to seeing more and more customers improve their processes using GapGun measurement technology.”

For more information on Third Dimension please visit http://www.third.com.