Third Dimension’s unique GapGun Edge Break+ technology has taken a grip on its market with the three leading aeronautical engine manufacturers now employing it on their assemblies.

GapGun Edge Break Plus saves manufacturers significant amounts of time by utilising Third Dimension’s industry leading optical sensor technology and uniquely engineered software to inspect the edges of turbine components to incredible levels of precision, providing a full auditable trail throughout the manufacturing process as proof of quality. The sensor technology incorporates a unique ultra-high precision head. By focussing on small areas in extremely high detail, real world shop floor measurements with a repeatability of less than 10 microns are achievable, something previously unseen in handheld optical systems.

“The product is demonstrating a fantastic return on investment for the engine manufacturers because of the time savings it incurs over traditional methods and the full auditable trail it provides,” says Third Dimension Head of Sales John Kane.

“In the past these vital components had to be manually inspected throughout the manufacturing process with traditional hard gauges, which are very open to interpretation and offer no measurement traceability.

“Alternatively they would be inspected offline in a measurement room which is highly time consuming, causing major bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. GapGun Edge Break Plus removes any element of interpretation and inspection takes place in seconds, allowing instant, traceable dimensional data to be reported on the shop floor. It can even compare dimensions to known nominal values, giving operators a visual indication of any defective areas. If a component is shown to have been produced outside of tolerance it can be reworked and remeasured until it can be approved. Every measurement can be recorded and reported on in detail, ensuring that inspections are fully traceable.”