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The MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke, the Rt Hon Jack Lopresti, formally opened the new headquarters of innovative optical metrology pioneers Third Dimension today (Friday 24 June 2011).

Third Dimension is the manufacturer of the GapGun range of products, which are precision shop floor optical metrology tools for the aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries. The new headquarters, which houses the company’s office and manufacturing staff and is 50 per cent larger than their previous HQ, is in the Brabazon Office Park in Filton, South Gloucestershire.


“It has been a pleasure to visit Third Dimension today to see a real developing local success story that is founded on engineering excellence and sheer hard work,” said Jack Lopresti. “Third Dimension is proof that even in the harshest of economic circumstances a company can be successful. For a company of this size to design, assemble and market a product that in a matter of years is being picked up by all the major manufacturers in one of the most demanding industries, and sold in more than 25 countries around the world, is testament to their knowledge and their application. A successful business creates wealth and opportunity for local people, with the creation of new jobs all the way down the supply chain. I am delighted to be part of a Government that recognises the crucial role played by small and medium sized enterprises in our economy and our policies will always do everything possible to encourage precisely the type of innovation and entrepreneurship that Third Dimension has in clear abundance.”


Third Dimension’s founder and Chief Technical Officer, Tim Monks, said that the move to a new headquarters was necessary to keep pace with increased demand and to pave the way for growth with investment in staff and the launch of new products. “In the short-term we are going to be launching a range of new technologies this year, which will consolidate our position in our prime aerospace and automotive markets, but which will also open the way to new markets, specifically in consumer electronics and in renewable energy.”

“The company will continue to develop GapGun and will continue to make ever greater inroads on the aeronautical and automotive manufacturing sectors, but the growth and the new headquarters enables us to make inroads in the wind power manufacturing sector and to explore the vast potential of consumer electronics manufacturing. We are also developing new associated technologies, that we are very excited about, and will be looking to launch these within the next few months,” concludes Tim.