Control news article

Exhibiting at Control in Stuttgart, Germany earlier this month, Third Dimension had yet another hugely successful week, for its 5th consecutive year at the show.

This year’s highlights included the exclusive reveal of the all new GapGun Robot+ demonstrating its brand new tool changing capability, developed and tested in partnership with one of the UK’s market leading aero engine manufacturers.

‘One of the most unique features of the GapGun system is its ability to interchange different accuracy measurement heads. This means a broad range of measurements can be taken on features of many shapes and sizes, using just one versatile system. With the new tool changing capability developed for GapGun Robot+, we now have the ability to tap into the full potential of GapGun Robot+ in the same way, providing a completely automated solution.’ Tim Monks, CTO


Headlining accessories this year was the introduction of the clip on battery pack and desk dock for the 2012 generation handheld GapGun Plus Series. Ideal for operators in production environments, measurements can be carried out for up to 6 hours without wires or waist packs and then docked conveniently for charging and data retrieval.

On the software front, visitors were given a sneak preview of forthcoming features in the next release of SPC3d7, demonstrating how it will be the simplest, most intuitive and easiest to learn software yet. Look out for its release autumn 2012