Control 2011 065Third Dimension, manufacturers of the market leading handheld precision metrology tool GapGun, experienced a highly successful Control Show in Stuttgart, Germany from May 3 – May 6 2011, with enquiries up 25 per cent on the previous year and significant interest in the launch of their new robot operated measurement technology, GapGun Robot+.

As Head of Sales John Kane reports, it wasn’t so much the increase in sheer volume of sales enquiries that has filled them with optimism, but the quality of those enquiries. “There is no doubt that in comparison to previous years there were many more enquiries and a large proportion of these came directly from key decision makers in important target audiences. We are highly optimistic that a significant number of these will be directly translated into sales. Suffice to say, we are very pleased with the show indeed.”


John believes that the launch of the GapGun Robot + attracted many people to the stand. “We chose to launch this at Control because, more than any other show, it seems perfectly targeted for the product. GapGun Robot + has been created to provide the ultimate precision inspection tool that not only saves manufacturers huge amounts of time, but also provides a detailed audit trail of every component it measures, guaranteeing product quality.


“The quest for manufacturing precision was the defining factor in establishing GapGun,” adds John. “This new development provides manufacturers with in-process dimensional measurement data and also feeds information back enabling them to refine their manufacturing processes,” he explains.

The product has been created in partnership with a leading aerospace engine manufacturer, who expressed an interest in the technology to check the edges of engine blades. “Clearly this is a vital element of the manufacture of aero engines and dimensional control is absolutely critical,” says John. “In the manufacturing process the blades are now polished by a robot and automatically measured by GapGun Robot+. If the product passes the check it is accepted.

“In their quest for precision, the manufacturer was happy to work in close consultation with us on the development of the product. Significant amounts of the time constructing aero engines comes in component inspection. The fact that this technology saves so much time and ensures only acceptable parts are passed convinces us that we will see this type of metrology assisted manufacturing process becoming ever more commonplace.”

In addition to launching the GapGun Robot +, Third Dimension also used the show to make annual awards to its Distributor of the year, won by US distributor Accurex Measurement, and GapGun engineer of the year, which was won by CJ Lo of Super Tooling in China.