Calibration artefacts provide a simple UKAS traceable method for verifying the calibration integrity of your GapGun measurement sensor heads.

Although the sensor heads are completely solid state with no moving parts and therefore exhibit negligible drift and no wear, verification is recommended in order to check for accidental damage. 

All GapGun systems ship with at least one calibration artefact as standard and a simple menu option for a four point calibration check.


Variable gap calibration artefact

The variable gap calibration artefact provides a way to verify calibration for gaps between 0.5mm-20mm, using standard gauge blocks. Designed specifically for use with handheld GapGun with an FOV40 sensor, using V standoffs that slot into the two grooves in the top surface for positioning accuracy.
Product code: GG15-2713

hex aGapGun hex artefact

Hex artefact provides a range of example features to measure, using every Virtual Tool provided as standard in the GapGun onboard toolkit. Provided with checkplan for training and education.
Product code: GG11-263


edgebreak artedfact a

GapGun FOV7 high precision chamfer and radius artefact

Precision artefact for checking 7 chamfers and 7 radii, each ranging from 0.1mm to 1.9mm in size. Traceable UK calibration.
Product code: GG09106


GG04003GapGun calibration block (standard type)

GapGun calibration block with 5mm gap, 3mm flush, and 2mm gap, 1mm flush. Includes UKAS calibration.
Product code: GG04003



Pin gauge for GapGun FOV7 calibration checks

Pin gauge for calibration and verification of FOV7 GapGun measurement heads. Includes both 0.5mm and 2.0mm pins Provided with certified UKAS traceable calibration.
Product code: GG08078