A range of accessories and spares are available for GapGun systems.


 DSC3706PSGapGun Battery charger

Intelligent battery charger for charging of batteries supplied with GapGun. Includes calibration function to ensure battery performance is maximised.

Available with US, EU or UK style power connector.
Product code: GG05022

batteryws128pxGapGun Mini Battery

Battery for use with GG11-238 clip on battery pack. Provides 6 hours runtime.
Product code: GG11-239 


Head extension lead for GapGun

GapGun measurement head extension lead. Allows GapGun data collector and measurement sensor to be detached from each other and operated separately. Allows measurements in areas with restricted access easily where measurements would otherwise prove impossible.
Product code: GG11-298

DSC00804 128pxGapGun Robot+ head connecting cable - power and control

Available with power and control or video connection.
Product code: GG10-169/170