GapGun Robot+

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Advanced automated production line inspection

GapGun Robot+ uses a laser gage to measure a multitude of features and surface finishes. With the latest Hi Range series sensors, measurement of highly polished surfaces is made possible. GapGun Robot+ can output measurement data such as go/nogo, deviation from nominal and dimensional profile so that production systems are able to automatically respond to component variation and react accordingly.  

GapGun Robot+ is an automated profile measurement system. Generating real time measurement data that your production line manufacturing system uses to improve product quality.
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Unlock the benefits of GapGun Robot+for your manufacturing process


7 Key reasons to choose GapGun Robot+

1. Immediate dimensional feedback

 GapGun Robot+'s high speed data collection and processing means that you can obtain dimensional data on your parts in as little as a second, allowing high speed throughput and rapid decision making.

2. True non contact

 Third Dimension's proven non-contact optical sensor technology means that laser gage inspection can be conducted without ever touching the part, eliminating the danger of damage and increasing repeatability of measurements. 

3. Measure complex surfaces

SPC3d, Third Dimension's cutting edge inspection software allows highly complex surfaces to be measured quickly, easily and reliably every time. From complex gaps on free form surfaces to blended radii dimensions to bright machined edges, GapGun Robot+ has a solution for a multitude of surface conditions. 

4. Unify your inspection processes

 Based upon the same globally proven laser triangulation technology used in the full range of GapGun products, GapGun Robot+ can share measurement processes and configurations with all other GapGun products, ensuring that the same inspection technique is used by all processes plant wide.

5. One system, many measurements

The versatile nature of GapGun Robot+ means that many different measurement types can be conducted by just one system using Third Dimension's interchangeable sensor heads. GapGun Robot+ is compatible with the lastest Hi Range series sensors for reflective and hard to measure surfaces, eliminating the need for multiple bespoke systems being used for different inspections. With the tool changer compatability, interchanging sensor heads has become fast than ever before, without operator intervention.

6. Flexible system design

The adaptable, modular system design of GapGun Robot+ is highly flexible and scalable, making integration of systems quick, easy, and compatible with almost any robot or automated system. Latest SPC3d inspection software also includes built in FTP server for more direct link to client FTP, for simpler installation and support.

7. User friendly interface

 As well as automatically providing dimensional data, useful audible and visual indicators such as live data and range display are provided by the system, ensuring operatives and supervisors can learn the integration process quickly as well as understand measurement conditions instantly.

 GapGun Robot+ components



Tool Changing Simplicity

Play this demo video to see the latest GapGun Robot+ with tool changing capabilities.

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GapGun Robot+ allows production systems to dynamically adapt to geometric condition changes, finally closing the loop between precision metrology and manufacturing.
Robot moves part to sensor or sensor to part ready for GapGun Robot+ to measure
GapGun Robot+
measures geometry
Production system decides
if part will be accepted, rejected or reworked, then remeasured
GapGun Robot+ reports
surface geometry to
production system