Taking on planning, development, training and implementation, the GapGun Services + package is ideal for manufacturers where resources are stretched or extra capacity is required.

GapGun Services + package delivers not only the tools for the job but the skills, metrology expertise, experience and the resources of our expert support team, managing the project from start to finish.

Working closely with the customer, our support team can build a deep level of insight and knowledge into the customer's manufacturing process and aligns closely with the existing procedures.

How it works





Third Dimension work with the customer to identify measurement points for the manufactured products or components.The customer identifies any existing measurement issues they are having and Third Dimension look at how these can be resolved with the use of GapGun.


Third Dimension create a solution for measurement of the feature (often just from CAD data) using SPC3d and  developing bespoke standoffs or fixtures where required. Customer specific codes can be assigned to each individual measurement point and input to a checkplan which will guide the operator through a sequence of measurements.


The solution is then tested and verified on the real product or component and virtual tools on SPC3d can be further developed and tweaked to reach the required measurment tolerances.


Third Dimension carry out 3 days administrator training with the operators as described above and in conjunction with any bespoke hardware created for the project in hand.


Operators go onto use the solution and report any system or measurment issues along with weekly catch up meetings and close liaison with Third Dimension support team.


The solution is managed and matured by Third Dimension as components vary or the introduction of new product or component designs call for new measurement requirements whereby the process begins again.


Where can I get trained?

Administrator and operator training is provided by a member of our expert support team and takes place within our office in Bristol, UK or can be carried out onsite by request.

For all UK based service packages, customers should contact Third Dimension directly; overseas customers will initially need to contact their local distributor. Third Dimension ensures our worldwide distribution is supported by highly trained and knowledgeable staff.

Third Dimension trains all distributors here in the UK on new products and features so they are in the position to offer solutions and advice.