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Third Dimension offer a range of support packages and training courses that are carried out by our expert support team. These are usually held either at Third Dimension HQ or onsite at customer premises.

To enhance current programs, Third Dimension can also offer WebEx training by special request. For more information contact support@third.com.


Operator training

Operator training is a 1/2 day course that looks at all the safety aspects of the GapGun, its general operation and application on the shop floor, as well as advice on how to carry out simple, daily calibration checks before and after use.


Administrator training

Administrator training is 3 day course available and highly recomended to any customer who purchases a new GapGun system. 

Training covers all aspects of operator training plus the more extensive adminstrator functions of the GapGun and SPC3d software. With a variety of measurable parts in our office and the customer's specific parts, the training enables the confidence to measure a wide range of features.

Our aim is to provide the customer with the knowledge to measure and train their own company operators. Once training is complete, Third Dimension offer continuous access to a high level of support. With the advanced technology being used, we are equipped to receive measurement issues and solve them remotely by solving the measurement issues and sending the customer a solution.