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GapGun Pro includes Third Dimension’s ergonomic VChange sensor interface, which allows the operator to remove, swap and reattach sensors, in just seconds, making multiple sensor use on the shop floor easier than ever before.

GapGun Pro VChange System web 3            GapGun Pro VChange System 2 web

Third Dimension's Hi-Range sensor technology enables a multitude of challenging surface finishes to be measured. Its patented adjustable laser cap can uniquely shorten or split the laser line to measure a range of complex features.

 adjustable LC WEB1 P10 L   adjustable LC WEB2 P10 L   adjustable LC WEB3 P10 L

VChange 7web2FOV7U VChange sensor

The FOV7U VChange sensor provides a 6.5mm field of view with 3 micron RET resolution. 


VChange 15 web2

FOV15U VChange sensor

The FOV15U VChange sensor provides a 25mm field of view with 11 micron RET resolution. 


VChange 40 web2FOV40U VChange sensor

The FOV40U VChange sensor provides a 55mm field of view with 24 micron RET resolution. 



VChange 80 web2

FOV80U VChange sensor

The FOV80U VChange sensor provides an 90mm field of view with 40 micron RET resolution. 


GapGun VChange M series reflective sensors are optimised for use on highly reflective and mirrored surfaces such as bright machined metal, turbine engine components and bright chrome.

Where your application requires frequent measurement of highly reflective surfaces, M series sensors are the ideal solution - for more general applications select U series universal sensors. 

All sensors are compatible with GapGun Pro and Vectro

VChange 7web2

FOV7M Reflective VChange sensor 

The FOV7M VChange sensor provides a 7mm field of view with 10 micron Measurement Capability. 

VChange 15 web2FOV15M Reflective VChange sensor

The FOV15M VChange sensor provides an 15x15mm field of view with 40 micron resolution.