Gap and flush measurement is commonly carried out to inspect fit and alignment between two surfaces. For example, the gap between car door and body panels, panels on aeroplane fuselage or wing sections, and even the fine clearance gap between an engine turbine blade and the casing in which it sits. There are hundreds of components that go into a finished product, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries. Each component may be manufactured by different suppliers, potentially in different locations, using many wide and varied processes that eventually all have to fit together to make one product. This means that fit and quality control is vital, gap and flush measurement is highly beneficial. If fit and finish is out of specification it not only affects the aesthetics of the product but also the performance, efficiency and risk of failure.

Experts in fast and portable gap and flush measurement

Gap and flush measurement is one of Third Dimension’s key areas of expertise. It is a widely required measurement from aerospace to automotive manufacture, applicable to thousands of parts and product areas for quality control.

Using Third Dimension’s laser gap measurement tool, GapGun can quickly and accurately determine the gap measurement and height measurement between two surfaces in just seconds.  In addition to the speed of Third Dimension’s leading gap measuring tool, the GapGun is completely portable and non contact which means it is an ideal solution for inline inspection on the production line, either handheld or robot mounted.

How does GapGun measure Gap and flush?

The GapGun measurement sensor projects a laser line over the feature so that the imaging system can see the two surfaces and gap in between.  Taking multiple images of the laser that illuminates the surface, it digitises this information to give a cross section. Using Third Dimension’s algorithm technology, GapGun can calculate the gap measurement and the height measurement between the two panels. When a measurement is taken the operator will be alerted as to whether the dimensions come within or outside the specified tolerances. This can allow manufacturers to adjust their process and decide whether to discard or fix the part to reach the required dimensions.

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