DSC01966ws 128pxGapGun clip on battery pack

Small and light battery pack clips on to the GapGun handle to give up to 6.5 hours complete freedom and portability of measurement, without the need for wires or waistpacks.

 Product code: GG11-238


IMG 0286ws128pxGapGun docking station

Ideal for docking and downloading data from the GapGun when creating checkplans or analysing data whilst using SPC, it also provides simple and convenient charging capabilities.

 Product code: GG12-435


DSC01318GapGun Protective Head Cover (FOV15, 40, 80 sensor heads)

Clear shock absorbing protective jacket for GapGun measurement heads. Fits all FOV15, 40, 80 sensor heads. Compatible with U and M type heads, and GapGun3 heads with or without rotating laser shutter.

Product code: GG11-240 


GapGun Automotive seal gap fixture system

A simple, low cost solution to measuring seal gaps sections on cars. These patented fixtures have been developed for use in conjunction with the GapGun.

System includes:

Friction block attached to door render webFriction block webFriction block – Attached at points around the car door frame to enable measurement of seal gap distance. 

Product code: GG11-312



Calibration management services and accessories allow you to maintain a traceable calibration for your measurement devices. 


A range of options to power GapGun systems and connect them to PCs, laptops or networks for transfer of measurement data.


A variety of positioning aids that can be used to accelerate the measurement process in certain applications