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GapGun Countersink provides a fast, effective, and repeatable solution for inspecting countersunk holes, which provides significant benefits over traditional mechanical gauges. 

CSK20 & CSK40
 Manual countersink
measurement methods
Repeatable Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross Improve quality with high precision
and repeatable measurements.
Curved surfaces Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross GapGun Countersink is specially
designed to accurately measure
holes drilled into curved surfaces.
Data storage Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross Send measurement data directly to
a PC - no more lost, damaged or
misread paper inspection reports.
Link Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross Use Link to integrate GapGun Pro
into your production systems and
create custom applications.
Single device Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross Inspect a large range of features with
one of the most versatile measurement
devices on the market.
Modular Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross Swap between countersink and gap,
flush, radius or scratch sensor heads
in seconds.
Eliminates operator bias Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross GapGun Pro provides clear and
repeatable measurements that don't
rely on operator skill. 
Traceable Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross Continuously improve products
through one of the core principles
of quality: traceability. 
Process monitoring Countersink Tick  Countersink Cross Implement process monitoring and
prevent scrap parts before they occur. 

For further information about how our countersink measurement solution can reduce costs, improve quality and increase your productivity, download the brochure or contact our sales team.