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Bringing precision chamfer, break edge and radius inspection to the shop floor

Break edge inspection is a critical area of turbine manufacture. Sharp edges must be smoothed down to radii or chamfers of precise dimensions to ensure the correct and safe operation of components within a turbine. It is critical to ensure that there is no undue stress during operation that might reduce the working life of a component. It is also a complex and difficult area to inspect.

image004Historically, bespoke contact measurement systems have been slow and cumbersome, with the only shop floor alternative being imprecise manual gauges which rely on an operator’s judgment rather than measured values, preventing any kind of traceability.

The revolutionary and cutting edge GapGun® Edge Break+ uses a hand held, laser gage system to finally bring precision chamfer and radius inspection to the shop floor.









Ergonomics: The hidden innovation

World leading ergonomics are incorporated into GapGun Edge Break+ making shop floor integration fast and simple as well as dramatically reducing training time for new operators. GapGun Edge Break+ can be supplied with multiple, interchangeable standoffs that mirror measurable surfaces ensuring correct positioning and increasing operator comfort whilst maintaining measurement confidence. These standoffs replicate actual components for a comfortable fit and are made of a rugged yet non marring material, ensuring surface finish remains immaculate.
As a handheld shop floor measurement system, GapGun Edge Break+ is extremely easy to learn and use on the shop floor thanks to its lightweight, small footprint and intuitive user interface. 

Total traceability means total confidence

Every measurement head is uniquely identifiable and supplied with a traceable calibration certificate along with a UKAS certified calibration artefact, ensuring you can be confident that every measurement you take is accurate.
Additionally, GapGun Edge Break+ includes a wide array of data logging options, allowing for limitless records of measurements. From logging images of profiles to integration with third party SPC software, full capability is offered meaning that any components inspected are dimensionally recorded forever.

Customisation options create the perfect shop floor solution

Ergonomics can be further improved with a range of customisation options to ensure the installed solution closely matches your requirements. Not only can standoffs be customised to suit your measured product, but the modular design mean that all GapGun products can use interchangeable sensor heads for measurement of different size features.
Additionally, communication standards are also configurable to allow integration with corporate networks, allowing measurement data to be stored anywhere within your facility.

Industry proven hardware, global technology coverage

Based on industry proven GapGun, Edge Break+ is a fast, yet accurate and robust, yet ergonomic laser gage. Furthermore, with over 10 years of continual development and hundreds of installations worldwide, GapGun systems are an industry recognised shop floor standard. With a network of distributors spread across more than 20 countries globally, local sales and support are easily available.

Speed and accuracy come as standard

Using optical measurement techniques and laser triangulation, GapGun Edge Break+'s laser gage can measure an edge feature on bright machined surfaces to accuracies as great as 10μ/0.0004” in as little as 2 seconds!
Inspection processes that have previously taken hours or even days can now be completed in a matter of minutes to repeatably high accuracy, finally empowering operators on the shop floor to make decisions based on reliable dimensional data.

How it works

.GapGun Edge Break+ is an optical measurement system that uses a uniquely configured laser stripe as a datum measurement surface. Cutting edge software analyses the image data of the surface and checks the measured profile against dynamically created CAD data, showing the operator exactly how the part compares to nominal dimensions and warning when parts enter a “no go” condition. The profile of the surface, along with the upper and lower allowable profiles are shown on the GapGun Edge Break+’s large, colour touch screen providing instant feedback and allowing decisions to be made with confidence faster than ever before.