Taking on planning, development, training and implementation, the GapGun Services + package is ideal for manufacturers where resources are stretched or extra capacity is required.

GapGun Services + package delivers not only the tools for the job but the skills, metrology expertise, experience and the resources of our expert support team, managing the project from start to finish.

Working closely with the customer, our support team can build a deep level of insight and knowledge into the customer's manufacturing process and aligns closely with the existing procedures.

How it works




Third Dimension offer a range of support packages and training courses that are carried out by our expert support team. These are usually held either at Third Dimension HQ or onsite at customer premises.

To enhance current programs, Third Dimension can also offer WebEx training by special request. For more information contact support@third.com.

Third Dimension recommends running performance tests to check the calibration and operation of your GapGun system on a regular basis. 



Calibration is fundamental to success and so to guarantee the measurement integrity of your GapGun, Third Dimension offers a wide range of recalibration services.