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ultra-flexible quality inspection software 

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Optimised for quick and easy analysis of parts measured by GapGun or Vectro.
Simply click, drag and drop.

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against CAD
the ultimate analysis tool

Inspect is the ideal tool for replacing old contracer and shadowgraph techniques. 

Use Inspect with GapGun or Vectro laser measurement systems to easily perform offline metrology checks.

Inspect enables live analysis of complex shapes that include aero engine parts such as, fan blades and compressor

Inspect offers simple, digital inspection that can be completed in just seconds. Automatically record results
that are traceable and repeatable. Generate reports that enable quick decisions to be made with confidence.

1. digital, accurate and reliable

Obtain and record traceable and accurate results that are superior to interpretive contracer and shadowgraph techniques.

2. intuitive, quick and easy

Use simple tools for instant analysis post measurement. Inspect also eliminates the need to for tool configuration in SPC3d and minimises user training.

3. flexible

Freely define and extract dimensions in as many different ways as is required.

4. definitive

Check the part is built to specification by comparing directly against the original CAD design data.


technical specification
Measurement functions Distance, 3 point angle, 4 point angle
Fitting functions Circle fit, line fit
Comparison functions IGES CAD file (2D), Circle
Export functions PNG image, Print (supports PDF printers)
Supported units Millimetres or inches
Compatible data collectors GapGun Pro, GapGun MX+, Vectro
Compatible software System software v7
Compatible sensor heads Any VChange sensor head
Supported operating systems Windows 7-10
Interface Drag/drop interface, unlimited undo/redo, click to measure, live measurements

To learn more about how Inspect can benefit your production, contact our sales team or download a brochure.