A profile measurement is essentially a cross section of the surface of a measureable feature. It is a 2D plot of the surface, showing any deviations across a flat plane when viewed perpendicularly.

The reason manufacturers want to make profile measurements is to inspect in detail, any surface imperfections or protrusions on a part or product. Alternatively, it allows manufacturers to more carefully analyse a shape that they already know is a feature of the surface they are measuring. This will help identify and quantify the quality of their processes and output.

GapGun profile measurement: Quick, easy and portable

GapGun can be used as a portable profile measurement tool. It offers a repeatable set of rules that are not open to interpretation which means that the customer has the ability to measure lots of profiles quickly, repeatably and in well defined ways. It is not constrained by colour or surface finish. With its market leading sensor technology, users can configure its measurement tools easily from its set of standard Virtual Tools for bespoke applications.

How the GapGun takes profile measurements

The key to profile measurement it is to reliably report the surface in a lot of detail. GapGun illuminates the surface by projecting the laser stripe over it and then the camera system digitises the surface.  By applying a series of rules or ‘algorithms’ (mathematical rules) to the image data, the GapGun can then report back information that will indicate what kind of feature you are looking at. 

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