Speed up your inspection process by integrating the GapGun® into your production line.

Measure gaps, flushes, chamfers, edges, angles and more.

Save time when you use GapGun® or Vectro®. Trusted by leading OEM’s, GapGun® is a reliable non-contact precision measurement tool. Toyota Lexus integrated GapGun® into their production line because of its speed, portability, agility and ease of use.

Respecting tact time and using reliable tools are key imperatives for car manufacturers.

The GapGun® can have a measurement cycle of just 1 second and is proven to have taken 1 million measurements in one year.

Vectro® automates the non-contact measurement capabilities of GapGun®. With automation comes even faster measurement cycles and increased reliability.


Get real-time data reports and analyse trends with GapGun’s Wi-Fi capabilities.

Measure 100s of points of the car easily and ensure an audit trail in all measurements. GapGun® was the chosen non-contact measurement tool for Maserati due to its ease of use, agility to reach tight spaces, repeatability and speed. Maserati were able to create a 300-point check-plan which operators could easily follow.

The head extension can be added for further ease of use. The T60 sensor heads come with a measurement trigger on the sensor head itself so it is even easier to use than ever before.


(Steering wheels, dashboards, lights, gear boxes, engines, plastic pipes, tyres, body pressed parts and more!)

Measure 100% of components quickly by choosing a Vectro® or a GapGun®, the non-contact precision measurement system for tier 1 component manufacturers.

Choose Vectro® or GapGun® to measure features of components such as gap and flush, radii, angles, edge breaks, surface finishes and inner radii.

Able to produce accurate and repeatable measurement results without disrupting the position of parts (such as buttons which inherently move when touched). Vectro® speeds up inspection from 5 minutes per part to just 40 seconds.