The GapGun is a laser gauge, profile measurement system that quickly and accurately quantifies local features such as gap and flush, step, weld and mismatch, radii, scratches, seals, dents, rivets and fasteners. It is a proven technology, used worldwide by most major automotive and aerospace OEMs, with over 1,000 units sold.

The GapGun takes conventional laser scanning a step further by not only scanning a surface to record its shape, but also automatically analysing the information to pick out specific dimensions (gap, flush, angle, etc) and then comparing these against tolerance bands. The measured data is then recorded for statistical process control or traceability purposes.

Providing a fully auditable trail of every single product that is measured, GapGun removes risk by proving the quality of manufacture and in turn providing significant time and cost savings for our customers.

The GapGun that’s right for your measurement requirements...

Uniquely, GapGun systems consist of two elements with choices to suit your bespoke measurement needs. As a highly flexible and versatile tool, GapGun comes with the following options:

1. System type

We have a range of different modular systems (robotic, handheld, inline, offline) which all perform this type of analysis, but are aimed at different environments. For more information on each product visit:
VectroGapGun ProGapGun Edge Break+ 

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2. Sensors

The GapGun has a range of quick release VChange sensors that offer a broad scope for measurement size and accuracy, there are 4 field of view categories to choose from:

Field of View

  • FOV7
  • FOV15
  • FOV40
  • FOV80

Sensor specifications

  • U-series Universal sensors for use in general applications from bright white surfaces to the very darkest automotive paints on the market - paints which competing sensors cannot measure.
  • M-series Reflective or metallic sensors for use in specific applications where highly reflective materials are commonly encountered - such as bright machined metal (turbine components) or chrome.
  • V-series Violet laser sensor heads extend the range of materials which can be measured with a GapGun or Vectro. The shortest wavelength on the market and enhanced software means violet sensor heads lead the way in surface capability and measurement.


violet laser sensor heads

This page aims to help you find the most appropriate type of system for your application. Our GapGun experts also provide full technical guidance and get to know your measurement requirements so that we can ensure it's the right choice for you.

To see some typical ways that the GapGun can be used to add value to your business visit Applications.