Measurement Capabilities

The GapGun is a highly versatile dimensional measurement device that offers precise characterization of various features, including gap & flush, break edges, surface defects, and more. It has become an invaluable tool for quality control and inspection applications across multiple industries.

The GapGun is equipped with various default measurement Tools e.g. “GapFlush”, “Radii”, “Angle”, “Chamfer”, which enables the device to recognise a feature and calculate the required properties. The GapGun is supported by measurement configuration software, SPC3d, which means entirely bespoke Tools can be created as well, for instance combining gap, radii and angle into one singular measurment.

Moreover, thanks to its advanced sensor technology the GapGun can measure on various types of surface and geometry, for instance reflective features, and contrasting features (e.g. dark and light).

Explore the various measurement applications in the list below to find out more…

Gap & Flush

Gap & Flush measurement is essential for inspecting fit and alignment between two surfaces. Whether it’s the gap between car doors and body panels, aeroplane fuselage panels, or engine turbine blades and casings, these measurements are crucial for product performance, efficiency, aesthetics, and risk mitigation.

The GapGun accurately determines gap and flush dimensions in seconds, providing real-time feedback to operators and enabling automated data reporting. It excels even in challenging Gap & Flush applications, such as headlights/taillights and complex interior components.

Radii and Chamfers:

Radius and chamfer measurement plays a critical role in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. Radii and chamfers are applied to smooth corners of products, ensuring both aesthetics and functional requirements are met.

The GapGun excels in characterizing a wide range of radii and chamfer sizes. It simultaneously calculates dimensions and angles with speed and precision. Furthermore, its non-contact measurement capability eliminates the risk of damaging fragile parts.


Accurate angle measurement is vital in manufacturing and assembly processes to verify proper fit and alignment of parts. In industries like aerospace, correct alignment of turbine blades, compressor blades, and other engine components is crucial for power generation, vibration control, and engine performance.

The GapGun is a versatile tool for measuring angles on various surfaces, including flat and curved profiles, and complex geometries. Its advanced algorithms analyze laser reflections to calculate angles with a high degree of precision. Such accuracy is crucial in quality control, where minor deviations can impact product performance and safety.

Edge Breaks:

The process of removing sharp edges or corners, known as break sharp edge (BSE), is common in manufacturing. BSE ensures safety during handling, assembly, and use of parts. The GapGun facilitates BSE inspection by characterizing properties such as radius, length and angle, and can also incorporate dimensional tolerances.

Operators can instantly characterize all of the required edge breaks properties on the shop floor, without the need for multiple different devices. The GapGun’s high-resolution T15 sensor enables measurement of edge breaks that are a fraction of a millimeter, making it suitable for a wide range of components.

Welds & Seals:

Measurement and inspection of welds and seals are critical for quality control. Manufacturers need to verify the quality, strength, and integrity of welds and seals to prevent structural failures, leaks, contamination, and other defects.

The GapGun provides accurate measurements of parameters such as depth, height, and width/radius of seal and weld profiles. It is adaptable to various types of welds and seals geometries encountered in different industries.


Surface scratches can impact the aesthetics, quality, and performance of products. The GapGun employs non-contact laser triangulation technology to measure scratch depth and width without physically touching the surface.

This non-contact approach ensures accurate evaluation without causing further damage. The GapGun captures detailed surface data points with exceptional accuracy, facilitating reliable evaluation and quantification of scratches.


Fasteners, such as bolts, screws, nuts, and rivets, undergo quality control and inspection in various industries. In aerospace, for example, measuring rivet flushness ensures proper aesthetics and aerodynamic performance.

The GapGun offers comprehensive dimensional analysis of fasteners, including parameters like flushness, diameter, length, and thread pitch. Its advanced laser technology enables quick and precise data capture, reducing inspection time and increasing productivity.


Countersinks – conical-shaped depressions or recesses on material surfaces – play a vital role in accommodating fastener heads and maintaining aerodynamic efficiency. Measuring countersink dimensions, such as diameter, depth, and angle, ensures proper fastener fit and functionality.

The GapGun’s T60-CK sensor head, designed specifically for countersink and holes, provides accurate and reliable measurements. By positioning the sensor directly in the center of the countersink automatically, the GapGun captures dimensional data quickly, significantly reducing inspection time.


During manufacturing processes like cutting, machining, or stamping, unwanted raised edges or rough protrusions, known as burrs, can form on material surfaces. Burrs can negatively impact part performance, durability, and safety. By measuring burr dimensions, manufacturers ensure compliance with specifications and mitigate associated risks.

The GapGun offers precise measurement of burr height, length, and width, enabling detailed analysis and comparison against tolerances. The collected data can be analyzed, graphically presented, and used for informed decision-making and corrective actions.