Speed up your quality control processes

Designed specifically for the inline automotive environment, ‘Inline’ can speed up your quality control processes by:

  • Enabling multiple operators to work from one plan
  • Presenting the check plan and progress on screen
  • Automating check plan selection
  • Outputting data immediately in variety of formats including, QDAS and FLAGS

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Identify defects in the production line earlier

Inline integrates multiple GapGun® units with your existing systems, so live data can be transmitted from the factory floor to the metrology lab for immediate analysis.

System alerts notify Quality Assurance managers of measurements out of tolerance, whilst large screen measurement visualisation can support the operator in working quickly and efficiently.

Reduce measurement cycle time further, with Inline software

Automatic check plan selection can be activated with Inline, as either a serial number, SOAP message or barcode scanner, removing the manual task of an operator. Measurements can be carried out by more than one operator reducing the time to complete one check plan.

Operators can refer to both the instructional graphic on their GapGun® – for a focused understanding of the feature being measured, and the screen – for an overview.

Using Inline, measurements will automatically be transmitted to your database, so time is furthermore saved, as operators do not need to do this manual upload.

View measurement data on live screen

Multiple GapGun® users work from one check plan

Immediate digitalised data upload

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Automated check plan selection

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Complete measurement transparency


Multi-screen support
Up to four monitoring screens and one status screen.
Part identification
User input; SOAP.
Serial number source
User entry; SOAP.
Check plan selection
Rule based; user entry.
Data output
Customisable templated output.
Data collection
Up to 2 GapGuns concurrently.
Compatible data collectors
GapGun Pro2, GapGun Pro2, Vectro
Compatible software
System software 7.7, 8.0
Compatible sensors
T-series and VChange
Supported OS
Windows 10