Create check plans – with ease

SPC3d works in conjunction with GapGun® and Vectro®, Third Dimension’s precision measurement tools. Check plans are a series of visual prompts that guide operators on where to measure. Use SPC3d to prepare check plans which are easy for operators to follow, when inspecting parts inline or offline.


Analyse measurements

Benchmark parts, reverse engineer products, check manufacturing quality and more when you analyse measurements of parts using SPC3d software.

One software installation, multiple GapGun® and/or Vectro® systems

Keep it simple – manage multiple systems with one software

Request a demo

Our experienced team of Application Engineers can help you prepare detailed checkplans to meet your bespoke needs.


High performance processing:

Multi core processing enables super-fast measurements and analysis.

Advanced measurement capability:

Cutting edge algorithm technology means SPC3d can measure up to 10 different dimensions simultaneously with scope to customise measurements on non-standard shapes. It also has the ability to analyse almost unlimited surfaces finishes.

Flexible data logging and integration:

Access data quickly and easily in a huge variety of industry standard formats, including DMIS, QDAS, MS Excel, plain text, CSV, and point cloud to enable flexible integration with other systems and corporate networks.

Live measurement mode:

Measurements are viewed onscreen in real time as data is collected and can be compared against tolerance bands.

Measurement condition alerts:

Automatic variation thresholds define good measurements and automatically report poor measurement conditions so that you can always have confidence in your results.

Flexible network connection:

Seamlessly roam or conveniently connect to any PC on a network to automatically download results.

Seamless data annotation:

Label results coherently with an option to select a ‘not-measured’ code during a check plan sequence when a measurement point is unavailable or inaccessible.

Virtual Toolkit™:

SPC3d’s extensive toolkit allows measurement of virtually any gap, flush, radius, scratch, chamfer, fastener, seal or profile. Uniquely, it also allows administrators to build customised libraries of tools.

Optimised user interface

Simply and ergonomically designed interface and menu system for ease of use, navigation and minimal training.