Access hard to reach places when you choose GapGun®.

Wind turbine blades are up to 90m long. Defects and mismatch in the fibre resin components can reduce the efficiency of the turbine blades.

GapGun® is a hand-held, non-contact precision measurement tool which enables companies such as Vestas and Gamesa to measure defects in fibre resin components, mismatch between fitted shells, gaps and flushes of milled parts with ease and speed.

With parameters pre-programmed to GapGun®, decision making of whether a gap, flush, mismatch or scratch is within tolerance can be made quicker than with the use of manual gauges.


Ensure safety of your team when you choose Vectro®, a non-contact, automated measurement system.

Vectro® was the chosen precision measurement system for the world’s largest experimental reactor. Castellated, beryllium-coated tiles line the inside of the reactor and play a crucial role in protecting the tokamak from extreme temperatures. Any excessive amount of step or gap between the tiles poses a danger.

Mounted on a robot, Vectro® is relied upon to measure the step and gap between the tiles as well as check for surface defects.

Rely on Vectro® to give you immediate, accurate and repeatable measurement results.