GapGun is a versatile measurement tool that has proven to be extremely effective in the wind turbine industry. The GapGun helps to ensure the reliability and safety of critical components in wind turbines by providing accurate dimensional measurements at the press of a button.

An increasing number of customers are choosing to use GapGun for their wind turbine inspection, for applications such as…

Blade defects
Blade defects

Wind turbines blades, especially in harsh environments such as a coastal or arid ones, are likely to suffer from erosion, integrity issues, and degradation caused by lightning. It is essential that defects are identified as early as possible using the right tools, to prevent these issues evolving and causing catastrophic failure.
GapGun has been used to characterise various types of blade defects, including (but not limited to) scratches, dents, and wear marks.

LEP flush
LEP flush

LEP (Leading edge protection) can be fitted to help combat erosion. LEP is a flexible precast polyurethane shell segment which can be applied to a blade’s leading-edge.
The flush between the LEP and the blade needs to be as small as possible to ensure optimum aerodynamic efficiency. The GapGun can be used to measure this accurately and repeatably.

Blade wrinkles
Blade wrinkles

Wrinkles can an adverse effect on the mechanical performance of structures made from composite materials – it is therefore essential that they are properly controlled.
The GapGun can measure the maximum height and levels of both flat and curved wrinkles in both the negative and positive directions to give a go/no go status report on the wrinkle geometry.


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Vectro® was the chosen precision measurement system for the world’s largest experimental reactor. Castellated, beryllium-coated tiles line the inside of the reactor and play a crucial role in protecting the tokamak from extreme temperatures. Any excessive amount of step or gap between the tiles poses a danger.

Mounted on a robot, Vectro® is relied upon to measure the step and gap between the tiles as well as check for surface defects.

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