Every single structural panel on any aircraft is vital to its aerodynamics, safety and fuel efficiency. GapGun®, is used to measure the gaps, flushes, seals, steps and mismatches of the panels to ensure the build is meeting quality specifications. The GapGun® can be taken to the aircraft, delivering metrology lab precision to the part.

Delivering fast, accurate and repeatable measurements, the GapGun® provides an audit trail as required by leading OEM’s. It is widely accepted as the “operators’ choice”, being light-weight, ergonomically designed and easy to use.


Save time and guarantee accuracy when you integrate our precision measurement tools into your aeroengine manufacturing processes.

A leading aeroengine manufacturer uses GapGun® to measure chamfers and radii on thrust chamber components. A process which took approximately 1 week to complete using shadow graph tools has been dramatically reduced to just one afternoon using the GapGun®. A significant driver in time-reduction is the GapGun’s portability. Take the metrology to the part when you use GapGun®.

Understanding if the break sharp edge of the blades within an aeroengine are within tolerance is another common application for the GapGun®. In addition to this, the GapGun® is also used to check the measurement between the blade and the aeroengine casing.

Another aeroengine manufacturer has increased the repeatability and accuracy when measuring large engine components by integrating Vectro® (automated non-contact measurement system) into their quality control processes. Partnered with a cobot and turntable, Vectro® was the chosen solution, being quick and easy to programme (compared to CMMs). Vectro® takes accuracy to a level above the GapGun® – by removing the operator, and by the very nature of being a robot, improves the ability to produce repeatable measurements.

Rely on Third Dimension’s precision measurement tools which have been widely used in the aerospace industry for more than 25 years – providing fast, repeatable, traceable and accurate handheld and automated measurement solutions.