The white goods industry plays a pivotal role in our everyday lives, providing us with essential appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens. Ensuring the proper fit and finish of these products is crucial, and this is where GapGun proves invaluable. The GapGun offers a reliable solution for quality control, and can be used to characterise various features during the assembly and inspection of white goods…

Dashboard & Button Gaps
Dashboard & Button Gaps

Manufacturers producing top-end white goods have been increasingly looking for ways to improve perceived value. One way they are doing this is by ensuring a tight fit of parts in the assembly process. Gaps around fascia and buttons need to be consistent and well-fitting so measuring these elements during quality inspection is becoming more important.
Measuring with traditional contact methods can be limited due to difficulty physically accessing the dashboard fascia /button gaps. Since the GapGun/Vectro is non-contact, features can be accessed easily and quickly, saving time, and eliminating the risk of surface damage.


Seals play a critical role in white goods appliances by preventing the leakage of fluids, gases, or air. Accurate measurements ensure that the seals are the right size and shape to provide a tight and effective seal. Properly sized seals ensure that appliances operate efficiently and maintain the desired conditions, such as temperature or pressure.
The GapGun can take accurate dimensional measurements of seals on a wide range of surfaces. The extension accessory makes access to trickier measurement locations much easier.

Door Gaps
Door Gaps

Proper door gaps contribute to the longevity of appliances. If the door gaps are too tight, it can cause excessive friction and wear on the seals, hinges, or other components, leading to premature failure. On the other hand, if the door gaps are too wide, it can result in misalignment or stress on the door mechanism, affecting its operation over time.
The GapGun is an ideal tool for measuring appliance door gaps. It provides rapid measurements in seconds, while its user-friendly design ensures easy access and operation. With its efficiency and simplicity, the GapGun streamlines the inspection process, delivering accurate results and increased productivity.

Quality control in CNC manufacturing


Take the metrology to the part when you use GapGun® or Vectro® to measure your CNC manufactured parts.

Easier to set up than traditional CMMs, GapGun® (hand-held) and Vectro® (which can be mounted on a robot or cobot) are proving to be a trusted alternative solution to manufacturers requiring measurements of parts which have been CNC’d. Both tools can measure features of components such as gap and flush, radii, angles, edge breaks, surface finishes, weld and inner radii.

Save time and benefit from a flexible solution


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