Installation and training

    We understand that for your projects to be a success, your operators need to be fully trained and confident in using our precision measurement tools.

    We offer application-specific training and in just half a day, your operators can be set up to use the GapGun. Training and support can be delivered remotely or at your place of work as part of the support package.

    Our team of qualified Application Engineers can recommend the level training for you, dependant on previous experience and project complexity.

    We can deliver:

    • Installation support
    • Solutions analysis
    • Tool configuration assistance
    • Calibration support
    • Tailored training for your specific application

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    • How to take a measurement
    • Loading check plans
    • Health and Safety


    • How to create check plans
    • Using SPC3d software
    • How to create custom tool specifications


    • Aerospace / Automotive / Industry / Energy
    • Project or application-specific training based on your requirements

    Leading the way with ISO 17025 certification

    As quality inspection processes become more sophisticated, leading manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive sectors are recognising the need for traceability and requiring that their measurement instruments are calibrated by laboratory accredited to the internationally recognised ISO 17025 standard.

    Third Dimension’s calibration laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited for our most popular sensor calibrations by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, assuring you of measurements you can rely on when you use GapGun and Vectro.

    Each sensor head undergoes a highly automated calibration and a full certificate is provided demonstrating performance and traceability to international standards.