Non-Contact Measurement Technology

Non-contact measurement plays an important role for manufacturers in today’s engineering world.

Many traditional contact measurement devices such as micrometers and vernier callipers touch the surface of the feature or part being measured.  This causes several drawbacks. Firstly, if a part is unfixed, hinged or designed to move, contact with the part or feature is likely to introduce an inherently unstable measurement result. This leads to measurements being inconsistent and unreliable. Secondly, the part could be damaged or marked during the process of contact.

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6 Top reasons to use non-contact measurement tools:

Faster, no need for manual interpretation

Immediate measurement results reducing time as there is no requirement for human interpretation

Parts remain untouched

Traditional contact measurement devices such as micrometers and vernier callipers touch the surface in order to determine the dimensions of a component which can mark, scuff or damage the part

Gaps around parts which are designed to move can be measured

If a part is unfixed, hinged, or designed to move, contact is likely to introduce an inherently unstable measurement result

Human-error is eliminated

Non-contact tools have the capability to output measurement data, removing the possibility of human error – particularly with repetitive tasks

Faster, measurement data can be transferred by Wi-Fi

Data can be uploaded quickly for analysis and reports

Designed for increasing tolerance requirements

Non-contact is repeatable, reliable, accurate and traceable

World leading solutions – GapGun® and Vectro®

GapGun® (hand-held) and Vectro® (automated) are leading optical measurement systems. GapGun® is both portable and intuitive. Using GapGun®, true non-contact measurement of geometric surface conditions and edge profiles can be carried out by operators, simply, portably and with minimal training. Vectro® automates the non-contact precision measurement tool.

GapGun® carries out non-contact inspection using cutting edge technology that helps ensure that operators are able to use the system as simply as possible. This includes an onscreen compass to help angular orientation. A large colour touch screen displays the profile being inspected and also indicates acceptable measurement condition by the screen colour. This works in conjunction with green LED indicator lights on the sensor head. Together, these signal to the operator when the system is in the correct position relative to its surface in order for a measurement to be taken, reliably and repeatably.

Vectro® automates the non-contact capabilities of GapGun®. It can be attached to a robot, cobot or fixed arm for inline and offline applications.