Vectro®2 now non-contact gauging solution for the FANUC CRX series of collaborative robots

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FANUC’s CRX Series of Collaborative Robots makes it simple and quick for manufacturers to get automation up and running. Designed to be easily integrated with peripheral devices, Vectro®2 is the latest addition to the series of FANUC CRX-Ready products.

Vectro®2 with FANUC CRX unlocks quick and easy automation of 2D profile measurements for both metrology control and process control applications. This integration enables manufacturers to automate the measurement of gap and flush, edge, radius, chamfer, angle, and many other profile features.

Michael Briggs, Sales and Engineering Manager at Third Dimension adds, “Vectro®2 is a plug and play non-contact gauging solution making it the ideal tool for the FANUC CRX series of collaborative robots. As well as this, the FANUC CRX ‘expansion pack’ includes a custom software plugin that integrates Vectro®2 functionality into the graphical user interface of the FANUC Tablet Teach Pendant.

Adding Vectro®2 commands to a robot program couldn’t be simpler, operators simply drag and drop the Vectro®2 ‘Measure’ icon into the program timeline and select the desired tool from a dropdown list. Automating inspection and measurement tasks has never been easier!”

Third Dimension’s flagship automated product, Vectro®2, is a proven tool for fast, accurate, and traceable measurement and inspection of 2D profiles typical of extrusions, welds, seals, adhesive beads, edge breaks and panel gap and flush applications. Seamless to integrate with a robot, customer solutions can be rapidly deployed to eliminate human error from their quality control processes, ensure accurate, repeatable, and traceable results every time, and free-up skilled technicians to provide significant cost-savings.

The integration of these technologies will allow Third Dimension and FANUC to rapidly deploy advanced robotic metrology solutions to deliver vast improvements in process traceability and consistency, and the ability to exploit real-time time data to make automatic process control manufacturing decisions for intelligent and efficient manufacturing.

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FANUC started the development of NCs in 1955, and ever since, has devoted itself to focusing on factory automation. FANUC is active in the fields of FA, which encompasses basic technologies, consisting of NCs (numerical controls), servos and lasers, and Robots to which such basic technologies are applied, as well as Robomachines.