Third Dimension offer a plug and play Vectro non-contact gauging solution for the new Fanuc CRX series of collaborative robots. The Fanuc CRX ‘expansion pack’ includes a custom software plugin that integrates Vectro functionality into the graphical user interface of the Fanuc Tablet Teach Pendant.  

    Adding Vectro commands to a robot program is achieved by dragging and dropping the Vectro ‘Measure’ icon into the program timeline and selecting the desired tool from a dropdown list. Automating inspection and measurement tasks has never been easier! 


    Based on the proven GapGun hand-held gauging system, Vectro enables automated 2D profile measurements to be carried out quickly and easily for both QC and process control applications.  


    Measure gap and flush, edge, radius, chamfer, angle, and many other profile  features in your manufacturing process. 


    Violet laser technology enables measurement on  challenging materials and surfaces such as Gloss paint, glass, plastics, bare metal, rubber, sealants, and fabrics.  


    A Vectro base system with a Fanuc CRX expansion pack, provides a plug and play, automated, non-contact gauging solution for Fanuc CRX robots. 

    • Package of pre-configured hardware and software 
    • CRX Ready plug-in software
    • Drag and drop Vectro commands into program timeline 
    • Create powerful data-driven inspection and measurement processes 
    • Dramatically improved productivity for rapid return on investment

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    Compact hardware and internal cable routing provide a neat and tidy installation.

    • T-Series sensor heads and VChange2 compatible sensor mount have low mass and compact dimensions 
    • Internal cable routing using robot’s CAM connectors 
    • Ideal solution for applications where space is limited, and risk of snagging or collision is high


    Fanuc CRX Expansion Pack includes:

    • VChange 2 sensor mount with ISO9409-1 50mm PCD flange adaptor plate 
    • CRX Ready plug-in software for Tablet Teach Pendant  
    • Quick Start Guide 
    • Internal cable routing kit 


    By assigning measurement results to system registers on the robot controller it is possible to create data driven processes where program execution is guided by feature size. For example, you may wish to turn on a beacon light and pause the program if a feature is out of tolerance, or perhaps check additional features if a measurement is below a specified value. The posibilities are endless. 



    Measurement data is output to a file or network share for access by third party data processing software packages such as QMS, PMS or SPC, for inspection and quality control purposes or fed back to the production process for closed loop control, minimising defects, and waste. 

    For more advanced applications, custom software can be developed using the LINK SDK that enables full Vectro functionality and compatibility with existing GapGun installations. 



    Third Dimension are building a global network of independent Vectro Integrators, or VI’s. VI’s are automation specialists, robot integrators trained and supported by Third Dimension, who offer complete,  turnkey, automated inspection and measurement solutions based on Vectro. For details of your nearest VI, or if you are a robot integrator interested in becoming one, then please call +44 3333 443 000 or email 


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