With the introduction of our UR+ certified URCap software plug-in for Universal Robots e-Series, Vectro®2 can be fully integrated within UR’s Polyscope environment.

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    Developed from Third Dimension’s ‘GapGun’ hand-held laser gauging system.

    Vectro®2 enables automated 2D profile measurements to be carried out quickly and accurately in both QC and process control applications. Vectro®2 can measure a wide variety of gap and flush, edge, radius, chamfer, angle, and many other critical features in your manufacturing process.

    Measurements can be performed consistently and reliably.

    Challenging surfaces such as high gloss paint, glass, plastics, bare metal, and fabrics can be measured thanks to the violet laser technology used its new T-Series sensor heads.

    The Vectro®2 for Universal Robots kit contains all the hardware and software required for easy integration and rapid deployment.

    Measurement data collected by Vectro®2 can be used for inspection and quality control purposes or fed back to the production process for closed loop control, minimising defects, and waste

    Combined with any of the e-Series models, the Vectro®2 solution pack for Universal Robots provides a complete, plug and play, automated, non-contact gauging solution that can be rapidly deployed into your production process.

    • Plug and play package of pre-configured hardware and software
    • UR+ Certified URCap provides full integration within Universal Robots Polyscope environment.
    • Easy graphical programming environment
    • Easily create powerful data-driven inspection and
      measurement processes
    • Dramatically improved productivity for rapid return
      on investment.

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    • UR+ Certified Software plugin for teach pendant (Version 4.1)
    • Custom VChange2 sensor mount kit
    • Vectro®2 for Universal Robots User Guide
    • Cable guide kit (Dresspack) – model specific


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