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Measuring Automotive Interiors and Dashboards

GapGun Pro2

Measuring automotive interiors is a major area of engineering with complex and unique manufacturing...

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What is the Difference Between Metrology and Measurement?

Gap Gun Laser Measuring Tool

Metrology and Measurement can appear to be very similar, but there are key differences....

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Measuring Airbag Split Line in Automotive Interiors

Car Interior

Measuring airbag split line in automotive interiors is a safety critical aspect of production...

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Leading truck manufacturer’s investment in GapGun with Inline software

GapGun with Inline software

Customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to many truck manufacturers. When a leading...

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White goods industry closes the gap in quality standards with GapGun

white goods industry

As the white goods industry becomes more competitive, demand for manufacturers to evidence improvements...

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