How The GapGun Pro2 Speeds Up Production Line Inspection

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With the exciting release of Third Dimension’s handheld, non-contact measurement tool, The GapGun Pro2, I wanted to dive into some of its features and explain the key improvements that have been made to the reputable GapGun, and how these improvements ultimately speed up production line inspection.

The GapGun Pro2 is faster

One of the biggest improvements in The GapGun Pro2 comes in the form of its speed. The device has a measurement cycle of only 1 second which will be a major advantage for users’ productivity. Even though the speed has improved; the accuracy has not been compromised, and the repeatability firmly remains one of the strongest on the market. Watch the video below to see for yourself, just how much quicker the measurements are taken:

Access hard-to-reach places with the extension cable

If you’re struggling with taking a measurement in a small and awkward location, the new flexible sensor head extension cable can come in handy. It’s easily attachable and can enable you to swiftly reach those tricky places in order to take the appropriate measurements. Also new, is GapGun Pro2’s sensor head range which come as standard with this product, the T60. This now has a measurement trigger integrated into the head making it even easier and therefore quicker to take measurements.

GapGun Pro2 Extension Cable

Fully integrated Wi-Fi capability

The GapGun Pro2 has a fully integrated Wi-Fi connection, allowing users to feed measurements back to their production systems in real-time with no additional hardware or cables needed. This feature was a vital part of the original GapGun Pro, and its continuation into the GapGun Pro2 will be hugely beneficial for productivity. Quality control and production managers can analyse data in real time.

Create bespoke checkplans

With the SPC3D software pack, users can define sequences of measurements including photos that users can follow with minimal training. Users can move through the sequence of measurements required quickly and with ease.

T60 – one sensor head for a wider range of measurements

The T60 replaces two sensor heads commonly used in automotive applications, FOV15 and FOV40. Operators no longer need to switch sensor heads mid-shift which saves them time.

T60 Sensor Head
T60 Sensor Head

These are just some of the GapGun Pro2 features which can help increase productivity. There are many other market leading features such as the touch screen interface, multipurpose desk dock, on screen results analysis which help make the GapGun Pro2 the go-to in handheld non-contact measurement.

Find out more about the GapGun Pro2 right here and contact us now to request a demo.